Monday, March 12, 2018

Pakistan test fires ballistic missile with a multiple independently target-able reentry vehicle

Pakistan's missile defence programme has entered into yet a new era as it test fires a ballistic missile with a multiple independently target-able reentry vehicle (MIRV).

The nuclear-capable "Ababeel" ballistic missile, demonstrating South Asia’s first MIRV payload, was test fired in January early this year. The missile has been developed indigenously in Pakistan with a claimed maximum range of 2,200 kilometres.

Named "Ababeel" (Swallow) after the incident of storming of holy city of Makkah by elephents and Allah sending thousands and thousands of swallow with a stone in their beaks that hit the elephents with such ferocity that the leephants turned and ran away.

Source | Read more about Swallow and People of Elephants

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