Friday, September 27, 2019

Imran Khan speaks his heart out at UNGA about Plight of Muslims of Indian Occupied Kashmir

What a memorable day it was today as Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan shook the world conscious in his 49 minutes long speech at UNGA today, 27th September 2019. Mr Khan spoke his heart out on the plight of Kashmiri Muslims under siege and curfew for almost 55 days in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

IK speech was a beautiful blend of Emotions & Logic, captivating the audience which clapped on every point that he scored. He very effectively put across the Kashmir dispute, the UN resolutions on disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir and recent annexation of it by India.

Imran Khan spoke without any prejudice, liking or political affiliation, yet very forcefully pressed home his view point about Kashmir and Islamophobia to the world community.

Every word that he minced spoke of his courage, sense of responsibility, pain and sincerity in him, far superior then his Indian counterpart Modi who sheepishly spoke before him and made no mention of atrocities his forces are committing against Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir.

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