Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Complete loss of smell and taste could be an early warning sign of coronavirus

Much has been said about the coronavirus uphill now and masses have been warned to look for the warning signs of this viral disease, like fatigue, aches and pains, a blocked nose, sore throat and diarrhea.

Now doctors in UK have come up with another set of symptoms that me be taken seriously for it may be the onset of the virus. The say sudden and complete loss of smell could also be an early sign of coronavirus.

New data gathered by ENT UK, which represents ear, nose and throat specialists, suggests this inability to smell — and often taste — may be the very first symptom and can start within hours.

It may be added that many people appear not to develop any further signs, making a full recovery without even realizing they had Covid-19. They are thought to be mostly healthy young adults whose immune systems react sufficiently to the virus to contain it within the nose, preventing it spreading to the lungs, where it can cause potentially fatal pneumonia.

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