Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus affected cross over 400,000 in USA

There seems to be no respite from the pandemic coruscation as more and more patients are being detected the world over. As of now, USA seems to be the most hit country as its known corona cases have crossed over 400,000 count - 400,540 to be exact.

The death toll in USA is 12857 as of now with 18 fresh cases today. In the meantime British Prime Minister is said to be stable and improving. The worldwide affected number is almost touching 1.5 million mark (1,447,454 to be exact) with 83,401 deaths while 309,145 are the lucky cured ones.

No deaths are reported from the most hit Italy, which has so far suffered 17,123 fatalities, however Spain suffers 13555 deaths so far with 510 today.

So far Timor-Leste is the least sufferer as it has only one reported case of coronavirus.

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