Monday, September 13, 2021

Misconceptions about Afghan Crisis by the West

The seemingly endless war by NATO to beat Talibans  has ended  with hurried withdrawal of US and allied troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban now control almost the entire Afghanistan and have even announced their interim government. But despite the victory of Taliban, the West has unleashed a massive media campaign about future of Afghanistan and casting doubts over Taliban's ability to handle the affairs. 

Ahmad M Siddiqi of Al Jazeerah has highlighted four misconceptions of the West about Taliban. All of these seemingly look rather premature and a move to downplay the Taliban who contested the NATO troops for tow decades and finally made them run.

Here are the four misconceptions that West is seemingly worried about as per Siddiqi:
  • Al Qadea coming back?
  • Taliban are fragmented
  • The Taliban triumphed due to foreign support
  • The US withdrawal too soon.
Please read the full report for details of these misconceptions

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