Monday, November 21, 2011

Galaxy Nexus beats iOS 5 In "Browser Speed Tests"

Full story: Chip Hazard 20 Nov

With the release of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, laced with latest Android "Ice Cream sandwich" OS, there is now a strong competitor to Apple's iPhone 4S in the market. Analysts have straightaway gone into comparing the two sets and have found that Galaxy Nexus beats iOS 5 in Browser Speed Tests, a basic necessity for almost all the users.
IPhone (left) - Galaxy Nexus (right)
However, The iPhone 4S beats Galaxy Nexus when it comes to GPU benchmarks which if considering you are a gamer, iPhone 4S will likely have better game performance than Galaxy Nexus which is limited by its slower SGX 540 underneath, reports Chip Hazard quoting survey by AnadTech.

Read full story for more interesting comparisons, graphs and information.


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