Monday, November 21, 2011

Read an Excerpt of an Unseen Miss Marple Story by Agatha Christie

Full Story: Huffington Post 21 Nov

Out this week, "Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making" is the second volume compiled from Agatha Christie's notes and letters based on 73 unpublished notebooks. 
Below, is the opening of an excerpt from a previously unseen Miss Marple story, introduced by the book's editor, John Curran. 
Miss Marple looked at her curiously.
Clarice Vane had recently come to live with her Uncle, Dr. Haydock. She was a tall dark girl, handsome, warm hearted and impulsive. Her big brown eyes were alight now with indignation.
She said: "All these cats – saying things – hinting things!"
Miss Marple asked: "About Harry Laxton?"
"Yes, about his old affair with the tobacconist’s daughter."
For the remaining excerpt, click Here


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