Friday, December 2, 2011

100 Best iPhone Apps Of 2011

Everyone is obsessed with Apps these days and would like more of these stuffed into one's iPhones. iPhoneAppCafe has compiled a list of 100 Apps - split it into three categories: Useful apps, Entertainment apps and Games apps. 

Some of the Useful Apps include NY Times Himalaya Reader, Office Time, Mogasa, and IScreen HD (1-33). For entertainment, you may consider  BooksVirtual, Power Chords, SigNote, Stricken and My Vacation, last on the list from 34-66. As for Games Apps, starting from serial 67, the first one is Aurum Blade: Zelda, Eat your Heart Out, Piffle Content, Plants vs Zombies, Tiny Tower and ending at 99th and last entry of Z: Commander Zod scores a hit.

The list being quite long, you may click HERE to go right to iPhone AppCafe for the complete list and see if these can fit into your iPhone !!


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