Saturday, December 31, 2011

Apple Sued By The Largest French Reseller eBizcuss Over Unfair Competition

[via Chip Hazard ] 30 Dec
The largest Apple reseller in France, eBizcuss has sued the Cupertino Company over allegations relating Apple’s behavior with its own retail stores being more generous than theirs.
According to the French Reseller, Apple prioritizes its own retail stores when it comes to the shipment of new devices and sets up prices which the resellers can’t afford to keep up with. 
Prudent believes that the whole situation got tensed up when Apple opened up its first retail store in 2009 and since has spent $6.5 Million to bring its point of sale system up to the Apple’s standard. Prudent claims that the US firm is unfairly weakening his business by undercutting it on price:-
 The proposals submitted to Apple commercial enterprises are lower than prices at which we buy the equipment.

The pressure is definitely building up for resellers with the arrival of Apple stores. Some long-time resellers have went out of business in the past given the competitive environment. As the executve pointed out, eBizcuss was one of the first resellers in France which imported Apple Computers back in 1977.
With such a long time of being a fan of Apple, the company feels betrayed and now intends to strike back at the Cupertino Company to change its policies that would serve interest for both.


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