Friday, December 2, 2011

Dog shoots his master

Although the news is dated 30 Nov, but I caught sight of it today and thought of sharing with my readers - specially those who haven't read it before - have a canine dog and love duck shooting.

Canine Dog
A 46 years old hunter from Brigham City, Utah had gone on duck-shooting along with his loyal canine companion when he was out duck hunting over the weekend in a boat. At some point, the "master" went into the water to deploy some decoys, leaving his 12 bore gun in the boat loaded and ready to fire.

The dog, probably wanting to jump into the water to join his master, stepped over the gun. The gun fired 27 pellets right behind the back of the master. The wounded, and rather dazed and amazed, man called 911 for help and was later evacuated.

So next time you go duck-shooting, make sure you don't leave a loaded gun near your loyal dog lest ....


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