Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FDA warned PIP on implant safety in 2000

[ via Yahoo News ] 27 Dec

Much to the disgust of PIP breast implant users, the report that U.S. health authorities had raised concerns about the French breast implant maker as early as 2000, adds injury to the insult.

The news would be a sad day for hundreds of thousands of women worldwide, who spent perhaps their fortunes to have the PIP implants.
The Food and Drug Administration sent an investigator to inspect a plant run by the manufacturer, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), at La Seyne Sur Mer in southeastern France in May 2000. Shortly afterwards, the FDA sent the company's founder, Jean-Claude Mas, a warning letter saying the implants were "adulterated" and citing at least 11 deviations from good manufacturing practices.
While breast cancer suffering would suffer more, no one has been charged for the poor quality implants by the French government so far.


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