Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Eric Schmidt's prediction about Android vs. iOS development is dead wrong

[ via Network World ] 15 Dec

From Schmidt’s perspective, it’s nothing more than a numbers game. More Android users = more potential customers = more attractive platform for developers. That, however, is an overly simplistic view of mobile development resting on the erroneous assumption that all mobile users, across all platforms, are one and the same.
The reality is much more nuanced and can be boiled down to a simple precept – not all smartphone users are created equal.
Here are some reasons why Eric Schmidt's prediction may be wrong:

Developers distinguish between certain kinds of users
Follow the money trail
About all those Android Users
The Groupon effect
Malware, ease of payment, and app selection
So what's the conclusion?
Read the interesting survey and analysis HERE to know more about the reasons highlighted above and the conclusion.
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