Monday, January 30, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Rumors Slide Show

Like the iPhone 5 launch rumors, which mostly turned out to be untrue as iPhone 4S came out instead of version 5, there are rumors about the launch of iPad 3 in the market.

The speculations are many and may only be proved true till iPad 3 actually gets released, which is matter of weeks now.

Business Insider has compiled a number of rumours in the air about iPad 3 and has listed these in the shape of the slide show. These rumors include:
  • Is iPad3 thicker than iPad 2?
  • Would there be a chi to run faster apps?
  • The front facing face camera will be HD
  • iPad 3 will look like iPad 2 (most likely - don't you think so?)
  • and many more....
If you are a potential iPad buyer, or a gadget wizard, this post is for you and you must watch the slide show and see what speculations you have about the Apple's forthcoming iPad 3 and then when it actually gets launched, see how many rumors and speculations were really true.

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