Friday, January 13, 2012

BBC sex education video for 9 years old pupils criticized as it 'is like porn'

A sex education video produced by the BBC for children as young as nine has been criticised as being 'like a blue movie' by an MP who said the material is 'shattering the innocence of childhood'.

The video aims to teach children aged between nine and 11 about growing up, the cycle of life, feelings, family life and friendship.

A computer generated graphic shows what happens during sexual intercourse and explains what happens to the body
But included in the CD-ROM is an animated video of two cartoon characters making love and a computer-generated sequence showing a couple having sex, accompanied by a graphic explanation.

There is also footage of a naked man and woman, used to demonstrate the differences between the sexes, information about 'wet dreams' and masturbation, and graphic diagrams of genitalia, reports Mail Online.

Read more: Mail Online
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