Friday, January 27, 2012

Ekranoplane: Soviet Union's Awesome Nuclear Equipped Aeroplane

Ever imagined a huge bird, something like a pelican or some heavenly bird, flying in the skies? If you haven't, then you need to read more about the Soviet Union's Ekranoplane.

Built dusting the bygone days of the cold war, and equipped with the nuclear warheads, the huge Ekranoplane could fly at 340 mph. 
Ekranoplane was in fact a threesome - a plane, that it was, besides a boat and even a hovercraft - or should we say it was a Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV)

A GEV takes advantage of an aeronautical effect that allows it to lift off with an immense amount of weight, but limits its flight to 16 feet above the waves. Its altitude can never be greater than the length of the wings.

Read more about this unique piece of technology and more photos at: Business Insider


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