Saturday, January 21, 2012

Massive Ordnance Penetrator Bomb: Mother of all bombs

We heard of 15,000 pounds Daisy Cutters during the Tora Bora pounding in the initial days of the US invasion of Afghanistan to hunt down OBL. But that was just history.

Here we have something much larger, bigger, heavier and destructive: the 20,000 pounds MOP - Massive Ordnance Penetrator Bomb.

MOP being released by B-52 Stratofortress

Developed by Boeing, the MOP has the capability of blasting through 60 feet of concrete with a bomb exploding at 200 feet underground.

At over 20 feet in length and weighing 30,000 pounds, the MOP is a precision guided bomb that is a part of the U.S.'s initiative to decrease dependence on nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

Read more: Business Insider
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