Sunday, January 1, 2012

The twins joined at the head who beat odds of ten million to one to survive surgical separation

[ via Mail Online ] 1 Jan 2012

Wearing her protective pink helmet, Rital Gaboura looks as if she is ready to enjoy a cycling trip with her parents.
The twins (above top) before the operation
The twins (after the operation above bottom) with their parents had their helmets fitted by Jo Drake (left) and Saeed Hamid (right)

But Rital and her twin Ritag are on an entirely different kind of journey. Just four months ago, the sisters were successfully separated by a team of British doctors at Great Ormond Street after being born joined at the head.

They beat odds of ten million to one to survive – and are now thriving thanks to the special helmets they wear 23 hours a day to correct their head shape. 

The 15-month-old girls were fitted with the helmets in October by specialists at the London Orthotic Consultancy. The girls will wear the helmets for the next six months.

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