Monday, February 13, 2012

Passenger attacks pilot in mid air aboard TAM flight

A Brazilian airliner made a forced landing after a passenger had a "psychotic attack," entered the cockpit and assaulted a pilot. The man also fought back furiously when crew members and passengers tried to subdue him.
Brazil Pilot Attacked
File photo of a TAM jet [ Photo AP ]
The TAM Airlines jet was en route from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Sao Paulo when a man who some passengers said was wearing a TAM identification badge got into the cockpit because the door was open. Shortly after, the plane dove to the right, causing passengers to scream and the pilot to yell for help over the speaker system.

"All of a sudden shouts were heard from inside the cabin, and two stewardesses came out asking for help and grabbing a young man by his feet," one unidentified passenger told Uruguay's El Pais newspaper. "The people quickly jumped on top of him, the guy fought back furiously, biting and hurting a half dozen people.
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