Friday, April 20, 2012

Inaugural flight of a private airlines crashes near Islamabad airport

passenger aircraft of Bhoja Air, a private airlines of Pakistan, crashes short of Benazir International Airport Islamabad, Pakistan on Friday evening.

The aircraft carrying 127 passengers and crew had taken off from Karachi for Islamabad on its inaugural flight. The airlines, whose operations were suspended awhile ago, had been allowed to operate again and today was its first flight from Karachi to Islamabad. It is feared that all aboard have succumbed to to he accident. 

Probable location of the crash site on the landing approach of the Benazir Intl Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan

The plane took off from Karachi at 5:00pm and was supposed to land in Islamabad at 6:40pm but crashed just before touchdown. At the time of the crash, a sudden weather had developed around Islamabad with fast winds blowing, followed by heavy rainfall with reduced visibility.

Since the aircraft crashed short of the runway, which is thickly populated, it is also feared that many on ground may also have been affected by the crash. Some eye witnesses have informed the local media network that fire has engulfed many houses near the crash site while bodies of dead and possibly injured passengers can been seen all around the area. 

As per initial reports, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) did not receive any distress signal from the captain of the aircraft before the crash.


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