Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ship liner ignore distress signal from a wandered off boat - causes death to two of the three onboard

It may be disturbing to read but this what actually happened.

The boat in which three friends went fishing drifted off in the sea when its engine malfunctioned. At the verge of death they spotted a ship, Star Princess, the waved and were even spotted by at least three passengers on board. But their distress signal were ignored by ship crew and it sailed on.

The boat then wandered off for another two weeks till it was picked  - by then two of the three had died.

Star Princess cruise ship, which is owned by Carnival - the same corporation behind the operators of the Cost Concordia - which capsized earlier this year, apparently passed fishing boat Fifty Cent off the coast of Panama and despite passengers raising the alarm, did not detour to pick up the three fishermen.

Read the gory details / watch distressed photos: Mail Online 


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