Saturday, May 12, 2012

World War II RAF fighter plane remains discovered in the Sahara

The remains of a single-seater RAF Kittyhawk P-40 aircraft have been found by a Polish oil company worker exploring a remote region of the western desert in Egypt. The aircraft was found almost perfectly preserved, unseen and untouched, after it came down in 1942.

Remains of RAF Kitty Hawk P-40 found in Sahara 70 years after the crash
Second World War Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping took what little he could from the RAF Kittyhawk he had just crash-landed, then wandered into the emptiness of the desert.

From that day in June 1942 the mystery of what happened to  the dentist’s son from Southend was lost, in every sense, in the sands of time.

Read more / see more photographs: Mail Online


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