Sunday, July 29, 2012

Syria lashes out Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey

The Syrian regime has accused regional powerhouses Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of trying to destroy the country and vowed it will defeat rebels who have captured large swathes of the commercial hub Aleppo.
Military forces in Aleppo fired tank and artillery shells at neighbourhoods as rebels tried to repel the government air and ground assault.
According to activists, rebels who launched an operation to take over Syria's largest city a week ago are estimated to control between a third and half of Aleppo's neighbourhoods.
Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, on a visit to Iran, criticised Sunni powers in the Middle East, saying Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are supporting a plot hatched by Israel to destroy Syria. The three countries have all been backing rebels trying to overthrow authoritarian President Bashar al-Assad.
Read details: SMH


Unknown said...

NY Times just printed an article revealing that the Syrian "rebels" are in fact Al-Qaeda jihad terrorists, the ones that the War On Terror was supposed to be exterminating, instead the US helps them, which isn't the first time.

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