Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Afghanistan: Fighting and sacrificing lives for a lost war

The reality of fighting a meaningless lost war has started to dawn upon the British families whose sons are being killed for nothing in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, Sergeant Gareth Thursby and Private Tom Wroe were shot dead by a supposed comrade in arms — an Afghan. Their deaths brought to 51 the total of NATO soldiers killed so far this year by Afghans wearing the uniforms of government soldiers or police.

The morale of American, British and other Western troops has suffered severely from having to go out to fight the Taliban accompanied by Afghans who might at any moment empty an AK-47 automatic rifle magazines into their backs. Four Americans died at the weekend in this fashion, as well as the two British soldiers.


The new dispensation makes a mockery of Nato’s strategy. This requires its men to work in partnership with local security forces, to train them to take over when Western troops go home in 2014.

Should the NATO still continue fighting their failed war in Afghanistan, as did America in Vietnam?

Read more: Daily Mail


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