Friday, September 21, 2012

Freedom of speech being used to offend: Pakistan PM

Pakistan's Prime Minister said Friday that the anti-Islam film had hurt his sentiments but that of Muslims across the world. Any attack on the life or teachings of the Prophet was an attack on the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims and was unacceptable, he added.

He said the making of the notorious film was not about freedom of expression, but was an expression of blatant hatred. He also termed it a clear reflection of double standards, maintained by the West and said it was intolerable.

He rejected the justification that any attempt to defame the religiously revered personalities was permitted as freedom of expression. He said no law, philosophy or morality permitted that those personalities who had the highest of the stature, revered by the Muslims, be defamed by any means.

He said the stature of the Prophet could not be discredited by any one, despite their nefarious attempts. 

Read more: Dawn News


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