Friday, September 7, 2012

No Easy Day - what the book by US Naval SEAL reveals about Abbottabad Operation

The mysterious death of Osama Bin Laden at the hands of the US Naval SEALs remains a question mark as no concrete evidence of his death has so far been produced and many speculative stories are there on the internet.

Team 6 had $65,000 night vision goggles far superior to what normal troops wear

However, the 'No Easy Day' a book by the Team 6 operative Matt Bissonnette that came out recently, sheds some light on the operation and how did the OBL was spotted, identified and killed.

The Business Insider has prepared a slide show consisting of 25 slides based on the book by the Naval Seal and sheds light on the Abbottabad operation.

The $ 65,000 NVDs, each Naval SEAL was equipped with, had four tubes instead of the usual two, This allowed them a field of view of 120 degrees instead of just 40 degrees. NVG’s allowed the SEALs to clear corners more easily and gave them greater situational awareness.

Read more / see the slide show: Business Insider


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