Friday, November 16, 2012

Obama in limbo over naming a new Spy Chief

The sudden vacation of CIA Spy Chief post by General Petraeus has put the american president Obama in limbo as there seems no perfect choice to select one from the long list of the eligible.

There is no single, slam-dunk choice for his former job, intelligence community insiders say. Some contenders have long ties to the agency but lack the throw-weight on Capitol Hill or a history with Obama’s tight-knit White House team. Others are wired on the Hill and at the White House but would have to win over the trust of the CIA’s executive corps and rank and file.

Still others might run into roadblocks in the confirmation process.


“Given how [Petraeus] left, the first and single most important quality is someone who’s what I’d call bulletproof in terms of confirmation,” said Bush administration homeland security adviser Fran Townsend. “Not somebody who’s never been confirmed before or somebody who is in any way vulnerable to a confirmation fight … someone who has filled out all the forms and been through this process.”

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