Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bugarach Police blocks road to Mystical Doomsday 'Safe' Mountain

With just one day left to Friday 21 December, the Doomsday predicted by the Chinese Mayans, many doomsday believers are flocking in the small town of Bugarach, France to reach to the 'mystical mountain' - a place to avoid the end of the world.

The normally peaceful village will be closed off until two days after the world is supposed to end

The Doomsday 'Safe' Mountain, Bugarach, France [Getty Images]

Mayor Jean-Pierre Delord fears the sleepy village, which has a population of just 189, will be overrun with New Age fanatics who think aliens will whisk them to safety 'in another dimension' while the rest of the planet perishes. 

He has also appealed to believers to stay away and has called in the police to protect the village until two days after the predicted end of the world.

But hippies flooding into Bugarach are convinced the area has been selected by aliens as the only place to survive in the run up to Doomsday - when the Mayan calendar's 5,125-year cycle finishes.

Watch the video of the village and the mystical mountain:

via Daily Mail
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