Saturday, January 26, 2013

British soldiers jailed for 50 years after smuggling drugs and guns into the UK

A gang of elite British Army soldiers, from the Queen's Royal Hussars, the most senior light cavalry regiment, and the Royal Logistics Corps, who smuggled drugs and guns into the UK have been jailed for a combined total of almost 50 years Friday.

The jailed soldiers: Lamer [left], Dyce [top], Laurent [centre], Wright [bottom]

Trooper Lemar Loveless, 26, masterminded the operation to bring a cache of guns, ammunition and £70,000 worth of cocaine through the Channel Tunnel loaded into the back of BMWs.

The pair had five guns, including two Walther PPKs favoured by fictional spy James Bond, along with three silencers, ammunition, and half a kilo of cocaine.

Lemar Loveless had discharged himself from the Queen's Royal Hussars, just days before his arrest.

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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