Saturday, April 6, 2013

FBI 'interviews' General Petraeus for divulging classified info

FBI is after the retired US army General and former CIA director Petraeus to ascertain as to what extent he has divulged classified info during his affair with biographer, Paula Broadwell. 

Broadwell was granted unfettered access to Petraeus as she worked on his biography
It may be recalled that general's extramarital dalliance plunged him into the spotlight last fall and ultimately lead him to resign from the Agency in November. His fall from grace seemed like something scripted for Hollywood with characters straight out of Central Casting. 

Since he stepped down from his post at the CIA on November 9, he has kept a low profile but just last week the repentant official publicly addressed his shortcomings and asked for forgiveness. 

Speaking at dinner at the University of Southern California on March 26, he stated how much he regretted the pain he caused his friends and family.

The current investigation is believed to focus on whether Broadwell had access to classified information or state secrets as a result of her relationship with Petraeus. 

However, Petraeus has reportedly told officials that he did not share classified information with his mistress.

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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