Friday, June 14, 2013

France's burkha ban sparks violence across Paris

The ban on Islamic hejab in France is leading to violence against Muslim women in Paris after police tried to arrest a Muslim woman for wearing a veil.

But when officers approached the unnamed woman, around 60 passers-by became involved in a 'riot' and police used tear gas and flash-ball shots to disperse them, according to a police source.

On Thursday, a 21-year-old was attacked in Argenteuil, with 'two shaven-haired men tearing the veil from her face and pulling her hair,' said a police source close to the case. She was rushed to the emergency ward of Argenteuil hospital where she underwent treatment for unspecified injuries. Police said that the men had shouted racist insults at the girl, saying that the veil was no longer acceptable in France.

In an other incident, ipolice confirmed that a 17-year-old, identified only as Rabia, was attacked in Argenteuil on May 20th for wearing a veil. Two men beat her up at around 9pm, shouting 'Dirty Arab' and 'Dirty Muslim' while laughing.

It may be added that as per the French law which came into force in 2011, women 'guilty' of wearing niqabs can be fined the equivalent of around £130. However, Amnesty International is among human rights groups who have condemned the law, saying it breaches the right of freedom of expression.

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