Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spanish Train was Travelling at 153km/h - and Not required 80km/h 'as driver was on phone'

It has been revealed during the course of investigation that the ill fated Spanish train driver was talking on the phone when it derailed.

The train was travelling at 153km/h (95mph) at the time, investigators at the Court of Justice of Galicia said. Whereas the speed limit on the sharp bend where the train derailed was set at 80km/h (49mph).

Francisco Jose Garzon Amo - the driver of ill fated Spanish train

Crash investigators had opened the train's "black-box" data recorder to find the cause of the crash, which left 79 people dead. and it has been found that Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was speaking to members of staff at the state-owned railway company, Renfe to get directions.

Moments before the accident the train was travelling at a speed of 192km/h (119mph), the court said in a statement.

Investigators say the brakes were activated shortly before the crash.

It may be added that all eight carriages of the train careered off the tracks into a concrete wall as they sped around the curve on the express route between Madrid and the port city of Ferrol on the Galician coast. The train accident cost 79 lives.

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