Thursday, November 14, 2013

Afghan army personnel beat prisoner in the eyes of American soldiers [video]

A video recently released show members of Afghan army beating a prisoner right under the eyes of the American soldiers.

The video was circulated on Afghan social networks in early September, before being deleted. However, it has been recovered by the journalist of the magazine "Rolling Stones", Matthieu Aikins, which is investigating allegations of war crimes levelled against U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan.

In the images of men in uniform of the Afghan National Army [ANA] electroplate ground a man bound hand and foot, and the whip several times. One minute, unidentified individuals, but by their appearance and uniform s, appear to be American soldiers appear in the image. They look without flinching the detainee being abused.

Watch the video below (Warning!! Beware of graphic content)

Read more about it at: France24
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