Friday, January 17, 2014

Four frantic calls to help save dying husband not responded as paramedics were on scheduled break

Fred and Joyce Pring. Mr Pring died at his home, near Mold, after the ambulance turned up late

One may call it height of carelessness and inhuman attitude on the part of London paramedics as the failed to four frantic calls by a 63 years wife, now widow, as her husband, 74, suffered for chest pain for complete one hour before dying right in front of her eyes.

The four calls wasted as paramedics initially refused to attend because they were due a break.

By the time paramedics arrived after more than 50 minutes, it was too late. 

Delays in A&E meant paramedics had had to wait up to 99 minutes to hand over patients to hospital staff, and there were no ambulances available.

When a crew was found they refused to attend because they were due a break.

Only when Mrs Pring rang to say her husband had died and her 999 call was flagged at the most serious level did they agree to go to her aid.

Read more about it at: Daily Mail
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