Friday, January 17, 2014

USA threatens to block $33m to Pakistan in aid if Dr Afridi not released

In a latest arm twisting the USA has threatend to cut off a $33 million aid to Pakistan if Dr Afridfi, the doctor who helped the CIA track drown Osama bin Laden, is not released.

The bill to fund the US government binds the Obama administration to withhold $33 million, $1 million for each year of his sentence, from the funds meant for Pakistan.

The fund will be withheld “until the Secretary of State reports to Congress that Dr Shakil Afridi has been released from prison and cleared of all charges relating to the assistance provided to the United States in locating Laden.”

It may be recalled that CIA paid Dr Afridi to run a vaccination programme in Abbottabad in March and April 2011, as cover for an intelligence operation to establish that Bin Laden and his family were living in a large three-storey house in the town.

Read more about it at: The Nation
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