Sunday, December 21, 2014

Amir Khan to rebuild Pakistani school

Amir Khan, the British boxer and descendant of Pakistan grandparents has revealed his intentions to rebuild the Pakistani school in Peshawar which was mercilessly attacked by the terrorists on 16th December leaving 132 children dead. He says that he want to rebuild this school as a role model.

While everyone else contemplates a turkey hangover, the welterweight will head east to Pakistan between Christmas and New Year’s Day, to visit extended family and help rebuild the Pakistan’s shattered morale, reports the Daily Mail. 

Khan has donated the £30,000 pair of shorts he wore in last weekend’s victory in Las Vegas against Devon Alexander to help rebuild the school and ignores the potential personal danger in speaking out.

‘They were innocent kids, they had nothing to do with anything and the Taliban killed them. They are killing their own people,’ he says without hiding his emotions.

‘Setting the teachers on fire in front of these kids, these people are ruthless and have no brains, and I can’t believe they would do something like this. It upsets me and it’s disgusting to see. ‘You never think people would be so sick to do something like that.  

Read more at Daily Mail

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