Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Half of French oppose Charlie Hebdo caricatures

The Charlie Hebdo caricatures of Prophet Muhammad has drawn an almost 50-50 reaction fromt he French people it self. A recent poll  shows that almost half in France believe cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed should not be published. 

It may be added that this clear division opinion appears after the recent attack by gunmen at the offices of Charlie Hebdo that killed 12 people in apparent revenge for publishing cartoons of Mohammed - an incident that has led to a fierce defence of France’s freedom of speech laws by politicians, media and millions of French citizens.

The poll found that 42 percent of French people oppose the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, which are considered blasphemous and highly offensive by many Muslims.

Half of those questioned also said they believed there should be "limitations on free speech online and on social networks".

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