Friday, February 20, 2015

Flying Bum to take off next year

World's biggest aerial machine, dubbed as the Flying Bum, is all set to take off next year, reports Daily Mail.

The 302 feet long Flying Bum is far larger than the Airbus A-380 (239.5 ft) and Russian Antonov An-225 (276 ft). It can stay in air for 3 weeks while carrying 20,000lbs (9 tonnes) of cargo.

It may be added that the part plane and part airship was first designed in 2010, but a series of budget cuts left it sitting in hanger in Bedfordshire. Now, a £3.4 million ($5.25 million) grant from the UK government is set to get the giant ‘flying bum’ aircraft off ground next year.

The giant aircraft or the airland as it being known as is currently being held at Cardington, UK, which in the only hangar big enough to accommodate the 113ft (34m) wide and 85ft (26m) high beast.

See a video of the project:

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