Saturday, May 23, 2015

Growing pickpocketing threat leaves Eiffel Tower closed

Eiffel Tower, the darling of tourists vising Paris was shut down for almost six hours as its employees staged a walkout on account of growing menace of pickpocketers.

The pickpocketers are not only a threat to the tourists, but the workers claim the gangs are increasingly threatening them with assault or abuse.

Thousands of tourists visit Eiffel Tower daily - many deprived of their wallets while waiting to get tickets

Although the Tower was opened later on Friday, the tower staff are demanding "formal guarantees" from management to stop pick-pocketing gangs who target numerous tourists every day.

It may be added that A similar closure took place in April 2013 when the Louvre art gallery disappointed hundreds of tourists by closing down after staff complained of being spat at, abused and even assaulted by pickpocketing gangs.


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