Friday, May 8, 2015

Helicopter crash in Pakistan kills Norway and Philippines envoys

In a tragic aviation accident, the envoys from Norway and Phillipines and wives of the Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors perished in northern Pakistan.

The envoys were on their way to Naltar near Gilgit, which is a ski resort maintained by Pakistan Air Force. There were about 18-20 persons aboard the ill fated helicopter which plunged to ground from a height of 20-30 feet.

Following foreign nationals have been saved injured, in addition to three Pakistan nationals:
1. Lebnon ambassdor
2. Romanian ambassador 
3. South Africa high commissioner
4. Poland ambassador 
5. Poland ambassador wife
6. Indonesian high commissioner
7.Netherlands ambassador 
8.Malaysia high commissioner

Besides the foreign dignitaries, two Pakistan army pilots and a crew member were among those killed when the helicopter crash-landed on a school in Naltar Valley.

It may be added that The convoy comprised of three MI-17 helicopters, one carrying foreign diplomats, one carrying the prime minister and his staff and a third one with senior military officials.

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