Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Filipino Muslim's call for prayer stuns Saudis

Saudis take pride in the call for prayer (Azan) by Sheikh Mohammed Mulla, the famous muezzin of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and everyday the high pitched call for prayer not only fascinates worshippers in Makkah but the world over wherever the call for prayers is aired.

But does that mean that only an Arabic speaking can have this fascinating and all-appealing voice? 

Well you will be surprised that a Filipino Muslim has surprised, rather stunned, many including the Saudis when his call for prayer was heard from the Hamza bin Muttalib mosque in Al-Uraija district, west of Riyadh. The imam of the mosque even invited journalists to listen to the Muslim expat's amazing call to worship.

In fact it was the Imam of the Hamza bin Muttalib mosque who heard this Filipino and invited him to call the worshippers for prayer for he thought this voice was so very close to that at Makkah.

Listen to this Filipino's call for prayer and see how a man whose native language is world apart different from Arabic, but has such a clear and mesmerising voice and accent:

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