Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pakistani girls beat India - while the men lose

It was a unique day in cricket for Pakistan - both Pakistani male and female cricket teams playing their Indian counterparts - and the girls dominated the men.

Yes, in an earlier match of the ICC Women's World T20 group match played at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi on Saturday, the Pakistani girls defeated India by two runs in a riveting contest which was decided on DL method.

Pakistani female team was chasing an In dian total of 96 and were at 77/6 when a heavy downpour suspended the game and the match was finally decided on DL method - resulting into a two runs victory for Pakistan.

But when it came to men's cricket, the Pakistani team failed miserably to confroint the Indian spinners who artfully took advantage of the spinning wicket and restricted the Pakistani cricketers for a paltry score of 118. 

When it came to batting, Indians were too delighted to see absence of seasoned spinners on Pakistani side and batted fiercely against fast bowlers and beat Pakistan by 6 wickets in the ICC World Cup match at Kolkata.

Photo: AP
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