Tuesday, October 18, 2016

China and Russia did not support India on its accusation of Pakistan as Terror State at BRICS - a big disappointment for India

The recently concluded 9-member BRICS conference at Goa, India has brought nothing to India, rather it rebuffed Indian Prime Minister's effort to drag in Pakistan and ratify it as a terrorist state by Russian and Chinese leaders.

Indian Express writes:
The Prime Minister proclaimed, in his closing statement at the summit, that BRICS member-states were “agreed that those who nurture, shelter, support and sponsor such forces of violence and terror are as much a threat to us as the terrorists themselves”. The BRICS 109 paragraph summit declaration, however, doesn’t have a single sentence reflecting this purported consensus—not even the words “nurture”, “shelter” or “sponsor”.

Thus the Indian PM Modi has just been delivered an unhappy lesson at the  BRICS summit in Goa: though nine-tenths of geopolitics is about bluff, the critical one-tenth is about knowing when to fold, writes Praveen Swami of Indian Express.

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